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Adele's "21"


Album Review


The much anticipated second album from English singer-songwriter, ADELE debuted at number one and has since gone triple platinum in the UK. Released in the US on February 22nd, 21 continues with the theme of the critically acclaimed freshman album, 19 released by the young artist in 2008. Her self-proclaimed style of "heartbroken soul" is widely prevalent in her sophomore album.

The first track, "Rolling in The Deep," rivals her first hit single in the US, "Make You Feel My Love" in terms of her writing talent, and certainly showcases her sophisticated and stylized vocal abilities. Unfortunately, while her strong vocals are prevalent throughout the entire album, the songwriting is less impressive. It often times seems too whinny and immature.

The second track on the album "Rumor Has It" is less enthralling than the opening track and subsequently sets the pace for the rest of the writing in the album. A cover of The Cure's "Lovesong" brings familiarity and skilled songwriting back. And the original song "Someone Like You" by the artist herself proves to have the potential for success as a single in the US, in which it has already enjoyed in the UK.

With such a sophisticated and varied voice, one can certainly hope that the 22-year-old's songwriting steps up more in her next release. The assertiveness of her vocals seems to foreshadow some greater emotions to come and certainly as she gets a little older and wiser, her songwriting will flourish.

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