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Upcoming Possibilitarian Events In June


Workshops, Book Discussions, Parades & Puppet Shows- Oh My!

Upcoming Possibilitarian Events: 

-Wednesday, June 8, June 15, June 22 (this date may change), & June 29.  4pm-5pm.  Possibilitarian Puppetry Workshop.  Coventry Village Library, Cleveland Heights.

Kids workshop that will culminate in puppet show for families and friends.  Registration required.

Where to register:


-Friday, June 10.  7pm.  Seth Tobocmen, author of Understanding the Crash. Presentation & Discussion.  

2909 E 117th St, Cleveland.

The graphic novel author of Understanding the Crash, Seth Tobocmen, who is also a Cleveland Heights native and now resident of New York City, will give a presentation on the financial crisis as explained through comics.

More info about book:

When the housing bubble popped and Wall Street did a swan dive, they created an economic whirlpool that the rest of us are still struggling to escape. Two years later, Congress is trying--and failing--to pass a financial reform to stop the lending practices that led to the bubble and put the banking behemoths that speculated on it on a tight leash.

"Understanding the Crash" (Soft Skull Press / June 8 2010), uses a graphic nonfiction format to cut through the confusion and explain how mortgage lenders and investment banks managed to crash the economy. The book shows how low- and middle-income homeowners became a goldmine for lenders and speculators--until it all came crashing down--and what's needed to build a financial system that instead rewards community and sustainability.  Seth will present on what they found.  


Event is free, donations welcome and will take place at 2909 E 117th St, Cleveland, OH 44120.  Parking on street.  Call 216-752-1307 with questions. Refreshments provided.

-Saturday, June 11.  Noon.  Parade the Circle.  Wade Oval Circle, Cleveland.

Along with many other artists in the city, Possibilitarian Puppet Theater will be represented in several ensembles featured in this years Parade the Circle, including the section "Voice of the Capital-less."  If you would like to be in the parade with Possibilitarian Puppet Theater, call Diana at 216-752-1307 or email diana_sette@yahoo.com.    

On-going puppet building workshops listed on http://possibilitarianpuppettheater.blogspot.com/

General Parade Info: http://www.clevelandart.org/events/art%20festivals.aspx?pid=%7B4724DB39-449D-4E6D-99F1-1DC008462AAB%7D

-Sunday, June 12.  

11 AM: Performance as part of UU Service, "To Love a Parade," 2728 Lancashire Rd, Clev. Hts, OH.

On the topic of parades, Possibilitarian Puppet Theater will perform.  More info:


7 PM: RPM Puppet Conspiracy's Sci-Fi Puppet Show, "The Standard Model," 2909 E 117th St, Cleveland.

Friends of Possibilitarian Puppet Theater, RPM Puppet Conspiracy, traveling on a Mid-west tour will perform in the grand opening of the Mini-Theater of 2909 E 117th St, Cleveland, OH 44120 at 7pm with their new show, "The Standard Model."  Donations welcome.  Possibilitarian Puppet Theater Band to play following performance.  Also, included as part of the evening will be other sci-fi puppet shows you will bring to perform (see info below)!

Description of "The Standard Model":

In a world where Good battles Evil, and where stimulated emissions of photons blur the  lines between the two, questions are raised!  For instance:  Why are there apparent violations of the symmetry between matter and antimatter? What was the nature of the quark-gluon plasma in the early universe? And where are our protagonist's eyeglasses?! 

Critics exclaim: “The best puppet show about particle accelerators in light years!  RPM 

Puppet Conspiracy is a shining beacon in a universe of Dark Matter!” 

Don't miss this moving exploration of friendship, intergalactic warfare, and the incredible 

longevity of packaged baked goods, coming to Cleveland for one night only. 

Also on tour, the RPM “All and Sundry Traveling Cheap Art Industrial Complex & 

Gimcrack Gallery” - handmade prints, posters, doodads, baubles, frippery, gewgaws, trinkets, bric-a-brac and more!  All available for peanuts and dollars!



Throughout the course of human history there have been tests which have defined the limits of what we, as a species, are capable of.  Our compassion, our creativity, our humanity were set on altogether different tracks because of these seemingly insurmountable challenges and have emerged on the other side.  The RPM Puppet Conspiracy would now presume to pose just such a challenge.  RPM challenges - nay, DOUBLE-DARES you - to make a Science Fiction puppet show for public performance on the date, at the time, and at the place of their show in your town.  While only the limits of human imagination and ambition can possibly restrict the realm of science fiction, RPM does ask that your puppet show refrain from being more than 5 minutes, with the briefest possible set-up and tear down.  ALL PUPPET SHOWS WILL BE PERFORMED AS PART OF THE EVENING OF SUNDAY, JUNE 12.  BRING PUPPET SHOW & MATERIALS TO EVENT READY TO PERFORM.  Call Diana at 216-752-1307 if you plan on performing a puppet show.  Thanks!

-Wednesday, June 22.  7pm.  Banners & Cranks Fest.  HERE, 145 6th Ave, NYC.


Pre-cinematic technology takes over HERE for a week of contemporary cantastoria, cooked up by puppeteers, artists and craftspeople from across the country. A millennium-old art form is rejuvenated and re-imagined, as performers animate paintings and banners alongside texts, puppets, jokes, songs and stories.


Possibilitarian Puppet Theater will perform two new shows: “Blues in Grey (an anti-indifference post-industrial city song)”  and “LA LA HA HOORAH (a militant sound-based exorcism attempt)”


“Blues in Grey”:  A city song that translates Poorly into Grade-A Grammartically Correct Brain Games, and so chooses the Saxophone, and Scrolling Newsprint Visual Implementation and Imagination.


“LA LA HA HOORAH”: Sonic militancy combines forces with, while also competing against, brush strokeexpression and physical communication before your very eyes hearts bodies and minds.


Festival Website:  http://here.org/shows/detail/630/


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