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Bum Rush Productions Reunion


You're Gonna Get Yours, 2011

WHO: Bum Rush Productions, the most well-known DJ crew, in the San Fernando Valley, from 1986 until 1992. Members included renowned DJ, Nu-Mark, of Jurassic 5 fame and Burt Blackarach a Grammy-winning engineer, DJ, composer and producer. 

WHAT: Live musical performances and DJ sets will celebrate the achievements Bum Rush Productions made in such a short time, as well as the current career successes of DJ Nu-Mark, Burt Blackarach, and honorary crew members, including legendary electronic DJ and producer John Tejada, underground hip hop group, The Giftshop and singer/songwriter Dionyza Sutton. 

WHEN: June 24, 2011. 

FULL LINE UP: DJ Nu-Mark, Burt Blackarach, John Tejada, Cry on Cue, The Giftshop, Dionyza Sutton and Miguel Gonzalez.  Plus, a surprise hip hop celebrity guest; our last event featured MC Lyte. 

SPONSORED BY: Quintessential PR, LRG clothing company, and Little Ethiopia Herbal Healing Center.

About DJ Nu-Mark: Nu-Mark began DJing at the age of 13 in Los Angeles. Over the course of the last two decades, he has amassed a collection of over 35,000 records and refined his production skills and performance to the point where he is widely recognized as one of the key figures in DJ culture.

As a member of the critically acclaimed, gold-selling Hip-Hop outfit, Jurassic 5, DJ Nu-Mark graced the group with precision production and cutting edge stage routines. Best known for his production on the raw anthem "What's Golden" such creativity only hinted at the visionary creativity Nu-Mark has explored since Jurassic 5's breakup in 2006.

To date, Nu-Mark has been featured in the critically acclaimed documentaries "Scratch", "KeepinTime", "Coachella: The Movie," "Rock the Bells – The Documentary" and most recently in Mac Grubber.  His cameo in Mac Grubber has lead to producing songs for Saturday Night Lives Lonely Island Comedy troop albums Incredibad & recently released Turtleneck and Chains. He's also appeared on countless TV Shows with J5, including David Letterman, Conan O'Brien, Jimmy Kimmel and Craig Ferguson. www.unclenu.com

About Burt Blackarach (Amani K. Smith): Burt Blackarach has been creating buzz at industry events and the hottest clubs since he was in high school. 

His long list of credits include spinning at L.A. in-crowd spots(The SLS Hotel, House of Blues, The Conga Room, Nics Martini Lounge, Level 3, Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel), moving the crowd at industry events (Vanity Fair Oscar Party, Flaunt Magazine Oscar parties, Interscope Records release parties), private parties for Hollywood personalities (Jay Z, Nas, Meg Ryan, Prince, James Cameron, Richard Branson) and scratching on albums (Public Enemy, Redman, Kelly Clarkson, Alana Davis). 

Burt Blackarach is also an accomplished music producer, composer and Grammy award-winner. Blackarach has produced songs for Aerosmith, Ludacris, Method Man, Redman, Public Enemy and Busta Rhymes among others. His long list of composing credits include HBO's "Entourage", MTVs "Wild Boyz", Queen Latifahs "Beauty Shop",ESPN's ESPY Awards and ESPN's X Games. www.reverbnation.com/BurtBlackarach

About John Tejada:  Normally associated with his peers in Techno from Detroit, Europe and elsewhere in the US and the world, John Tejada has embraced electronic music as a personal frontier, expanding on his formidable resume as a Techno recording artist — as producer and remixer, DJ, and label owner. 

Known for crafting a brand of subtle, musical techno, his recorded output ranges across tempo and genre lines, from chilled out affairs with spacious arrangements to pulsating, densely layered, deeply energetic tracks that work magnificently in the hands of DJs as well as on the home stereo. Earlier on, his music found release on labels such as A13, Multiplex and Generation R&S. Following on to those successes, he established his own imprint, Palette, in Los Angeles, in 1996, and has enjoyed sears of steady growth and recognition. The label has served as an exclusive outlet for his own prodigious output but has recently begun to expand its roster. He has also continued to record for other labels such as Pokerflat, Seventh City, Moods and Grooves, Playhouse, Kompakt and others, often in collaboration with 20 year long collaborator Arian Leviste. 

In 1991, while still in high school, John was already recording his first productions. He was also involved in college radio, even though he was just a junior in high school. John had a spot on "The Fly ID Show" as DJ Domino with DJ Rob One. John will be reliving those early days with his set.


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