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A TREE FALLS opens this Friday in LA.


Provocative look at the Earth Liberation Front to play for the next week

Note from the producers:

Our documentary about the rise and fall of one member of the Earth Liberation Front opens at the Nuart theater this Friday. We're booked for 7 days with 4-5 screenings per day. I'll be going to the 7:30 show on Friday. The opening weekend is very important to a little film like ours so I hope to see some of you there (or at least hear that you went on another day) and please consider passing this info along to any friends who might be interested. Thanks! It's a good film. I promise :)


Some reviews:

Entertainment Weekly - Owen Gleiberman Jun 22, 2011

The film sweeps us up like a thriller, forcing us to at least ask whether terrorism like the ELF's (which targeted property, never human lives) might ever be justified.

Village Voice - Michael Atkinson Jun 21, 2011

Takes us through reams of fascinating drama, from the first heroic forest-saving protests to the reactive police violence and resulting dead-of-night firebombs to the core group's implosion after the FBI tightens the net.

Salon.com - Andrew O'Hehir Jun 23, 2011

A remarkably evenhanded story about an eager young activist who was drawn down a slippery slope toward property destruction and violence, and who wound up as a baffled defendant in a widely publicized federal terrorism case.

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