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Poets invade Downtown LA!

Poetry is alive and well in Los Angeles! On June 22, the Last Bookstore hosted a grand event, hours of live poetry in a powerful literary venue. Mike the Poet hosted the event, and said, "After 14 years of poetry events the jam we had at the Last Bookstore is one of the best I've ever hosted. We had 28 poets from a wide variety of genres. We had spoken word poets, academic poets, jazz poets, classical poets, hip hop poets & avant-garde poets."

The poets to take stage that night were:
Dez Hope
SA Griffin
Jamal Carter
Christopher Siders
Monique Mitchell
Joe Gardner
V. Lazaro Zamora
Porschia Wanderlust
Jessica Wilson
Michael C. Ford
Herb Schmidt
Lee Boek
Richard McDowell
Breeanna Judy
Jared Birdsong
Jim Bolt
Bobby Strahan
Elena Secota
Lee Ballinger
Yazmin Monet Watkins
Radomir Luza
Mikel Weisser
David Romero
Matt Sedillo
Melissa Banks

This is quickly becoming a monthly phenomenon, as the show is set to run each third Wednesday of the month. The next event is July 20, 7:30-10:30.
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