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Seapony with Craft Spells, Grave Babies, and Young Prisms


Twee Pop Preview

Holy crap, is it 1989 again?! Wait...is it 1979?! Wait...is this the same, well-loved, non-conforming, anti-pop twee/indie pop music we've been jamming to ever since there was a soulless, popular music industry to rebel against?! From Velvet Underground to Talulsh Gosh, hipsters have found a tried and true formula, recycling it over and over and over and over again to generation after generation, keeping feet thumping, heads bumping, and fans jamming.

It's practically perfect music that categorically hits every genre requisite, yet it's soo not mainstream. They work hard in the studio to make this sound like it was made with pennies. Dark hair with long bangs, skinny jeans, plaid shirts and music that sounds expertly unpolished, there's little for smart, sophisticated music aficionados to not love.

Seapony is the best modern example of why this music is so great and well-received. Their songs are hypnotizing; their beats sound like you're outside at a beach party or in an old factory with a small crowd of your friends, dancing and partying the night away. Songs like "With You" hearken days gazing on the surf, whilst tracks like "Dreaming" bring back days of sitting at the underground bar, guzzling PBR and talking about the best movies of the 80's.

It's the quintessential soundtrack to all your coolest times!


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