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"Cattywampus" at the Redcat


New Original Works Festival: Week Two.

New Original Works Festival: Week Two.

September 15th, 16th and 17th at 8:30pm

CATTYWAMPUS will be showing along with Rosanna Gamson’s World Wide: Layla Means Night at the Roy and Edna Disney/Calarts Theater (REDCAT).

More information and tickets available here: http://www.redcat.org/event/new-original-works-festival-week-two

Written and directed by Robert Cucuzza

With DJ Mendel, Jillian Lauren and Jenny Greer

Composer: Juli Crockett

Choreographer: Jordana Che Toback

Designers: Dorothy Hoover, Alice Tavener, Ellie Rabinowitz

Here's what the REDCAT website says about the show:

"In this backwoods reinvention of August Strindberg’s classic Miss Julie, writer and director Robert Cucuzza hones an essential tale of class and power, and stages it in modern-day Appalachia. Cucuzza and his collaborators orchestrate a multidisciplinary approach highlighted by distinctly American forms—country-western music written and performed by Juli Crockett, line dancing choreographed by Jordana Che Toback—that binds Strindberg's characters, both the rich and the poor, by exposing their shared vulnerability in a time of economic collapse."

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