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Hot Ham & Cheese's New EP Rocks Like None Other


"Wake Part One" is one of the best hard rock albums of the year

Wake Part One
Hot Ham & Cheese
[Jib Machine Records]

Cleveland's favorite hard rock band is back, with an EP that's sure to slap your nuts off the backside of your face.

Wake Part One opens with the ferocious "Mary," and never lets up. Charlie bellows with utmost control on vocals, and he shreds on guitar, driving this force like a freight train through your nanna's living room at Christmas.

Then "Pinnacle of Cynical" kicks in, and you get a richer taste of Louie Styx's funky-ass bass, with a range that feels as boundless as it is body-moving. He switches pace in "Gray," and continues to thwomp his way into strange realms through the rest of the album.

And this is all saying nothing about Robbie Mitchell's drums, thrashing in time to make you want to bust up everything in sight. The solid backbone of Hot Ham & Cheese, Mitchell's pace seems to snap on a whim, guiding the songs like a true master into whatever angle he desires.

But beyond the adrenaline-sparking grooves, Wake Part One is filled with deep, insightful lyrics for those willing to listen to what they have to say. "Pinnacle of Cynical" mocks popular culture, growling, "reality is not tv/it's such a joke." And whoever "Katie in Blood" is about, she sounds like one filthy minx. 

This is the music that you imagine when you see badass Harley's tearing through your neighborhood. Once again, Hot Ham & Cheese has done Cleveland proud, with one of the year's best hard rock albums. Even sweeter is the fact that this is just the first of two EP's HHC is releasing in the near future, so stay tuned for more!

NOTE: While you can download the EP via Amazon and iTunes, you can also get the cd directly through the band (either by going to a show, or reaching out to them online). The cd includes two extra tracks, a live cut and "Doing Drugs in the Closet" which takes the sound into a very strange world that includes organs and no vocals...which is generally what I end up hearing every time I freebase in the closet here at work.


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