100 Thousand Poets For Change represent LA at Beyond Baroque

Beyond Baroque 681 Venice Blvd, Los Angeles 90012

September 16, 2011 - 100 Thousand Poets For Change was created and founded by poet and publisher Michael Rothenberg of Sonoma. a grass root event and phenomenal outreach to poets around the world in an apparent confidence that what the world need now, is poetry.

Poets in 400 cities representing 95 countries are currently organizing the largest poetry reading in history with over 600 individual events scheduled to take place simultaneously on September 24th, 2011 in a effort to promote environmental, social, and political change. 

100 TPC - WORLD POETRY FESTIVAL-LOS ANGELES' is a group of Los Angeles poets and poetry organizers that have come together to plan the Los Angeles segment of the global event.  

The Visual Artist For Change Gallery on The Lawn, and a costume festival with awards for Best Costumes in the following categories: Best Costume for Change, Best Renaissance Poet,  Best Dead Poet, Best Beat Poet group & Renaissance Group. Prizes vary, 1 year membership with Beyond Baroque, 
Prize  for the  BEST Poet For Change Costume. The Festival's 3 most memorable poems will be awarded  a recording and WORDBEATRemix of spoken word and music.

The organizers include:
John B Barrymore III - Actor, poet and writer will Emcee/Shost event. 
Milo Martin – Creator of The Overhead Projector Series of the legendary ONYX Readings. 
Mike The Poet Sonsken- Co-founder Getunderground.com. & Jointz Magazine. 
Jessica M. Wilson – Founder of the Los Angeles Poet Society, Writers’ Row: Downtown LA’s Official Written Art Showcase, and the SoapBox Poets.
G. Murray Thomas - Poet, Editor & publisher, former host of The Poetry Show, 
Douglas Steindorff – His group of ex-Marines will speak out against police brutality and wrongful deaths by police officers. 
Joe City Garcia – Urban Desert Cabaret
Denise Lyles-Cook  - poet, broadcaster, event coordinator
Christian Elder – Organizer of the Lollapalooza Poetry Slams 
Richard Modiano - Executive Director of Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center,
Yvonne de la Vega –Producer of 100TPC World Poetry Festival -LA. poet & poetry journalist,  member of 100 TPC, member of The World Poetry Movement

Steve Abee,  Rick Overton, Ellyn Maybe, Lisa Orkin  Linda Albertano, Suzanne Lumis, John Di Fusco, Pam Ward, Lynn Manning, Kennon B. Raines, Gia Scott-Heron, Ruben Martinez, and many more...

 The World Poetry Movement recognizes that: Poetry provides meaningful insights into the human condition.Contrary to the idea that languages divide the world, it is precisely the diversity of languages that enriches poetry festivals.The World Poetry Movement will strengthen each festival in their local and global approach to their challenges and concerns.


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