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James Di Giacomo


The Sub-Conscious Star Of Tomorrow

He's in your brain, on a sub-conscious level, his features imprinted indelibly on your memory thanks to the hypnotic nature of modern boob tube advertising. You've seen him pulling a rubber face in mock horror at the prospect of lofty taxes in that Turbo Tax commercial. If you're a football fan, he had you and your buddies busting a gut during half time in the forensics-gone-bad Doritos Superbowl spot. His grill has graced screens both big and small, from his brief but unforgettable turn in the schlocky sex comedy Stripper Academy to his scene-stealing turn as a jittery rookie cop in CBS's The Mentalist

Your lobes have swelled to the sounds of his notably wry humor and distinct voice. He's torn up the stage right in front of you (in numerous plays), livened up an otherwise disposable Fred Olen Ray "thriller" (Polar Opposites) and impressed you with his sheer whiteness in the Afrocentric Wanda At Large. He's the cat that's been in your living room without you needing to invite him and, yet, you don't know his name.

Well, now you do. His name is James Di Giacomo, and his star is on the rise. 

You've heard it all before, of course: "This kid is gonna be the next big thing!" "He's blowing up right now!" "This time next year, you won't be able to get a piece of him!" The difference with Di Giacomo is, you can bet your ass that he is on the cusp and one need only look so far as his IMDB profile to see which way the tide's going to turn. It's only a matter of days or even hours before America recognizes its next Jim Carrey, an A-list talent who elevates Z-grade to B-grade and B-'s to straight A's. 

Born in The Bronx and raised in rural New Jersey, James D spent the first seven desolate years of his life in relative seclusion. With a scarcity of children in his neighborhood and a propensity for close calls (the young Mr. Di Giacomo had narrowly escaped drowning and being kidnapped by the tender age of 5), the adolescent introvert kept himself busy and contented by turning natural nerdiness into a knack for role playing and make believe. Suiting up as a wizard and trolling his parents' yard for potion ingredients paved the way for James' eventual career gift—Playing other people.

Under friend and mentor Piero Dusa, Di Giacomo's gift has blossomed to where it is now—a potent presence that pops with ecstatic comedic energy and unmistakable pathos, placing him in the unique position of being the worthiest successor to the aforementioned Mr. Carrey, an actor who shares Di Giacomo's versatility and, also, happens to be his greatest influence. Obvious allusions to Justin Long have also loomed around Di Giacomo since, like Long (whose move from Mac Guy to mainstream movie star was seamless and seemingly overnight), James is poised to make a smooth transition from two-minute clips to two-hour motion pictures.

Need more convincing? Di Giacomo's talent for Improv turned Movietickets.com commercials from time-robbing yawn-fests into something cinephiles could look forward to (not once but three times! "There's no 'R' in tickets"). And if you're between the age of 18 and 35 and you've recently ordered a pie from Pizza Hut, your decision may just have been a subconscious reaction to James' hilarious Ferris Bueller-style candor in their 2009 TV spot

Regardless of where you've seen him or what uniquely amusing bit is stamped indelibly on your brain, the fact remains: You are going to be seeing a lot more from this exciting up-and-comer. In the months to come Di Giacomo will be appearing alongside Jeremy London (Mallrats), Jake Busey (Identity) and C. Thomas Howell (Southland) in the indie drama Don't Pass Me By,and will likely light up your boob tube yet again in an undoubtedly memorable TV moment. Di Giacomo's production company, Undecided Films, is also shopping around a slam dunk horror script based on a treatment by Di Giacomo himself.

To Set Up An Interview With Mr. Di Giacomo Email: jamesinburbank@gmail.com

For More Info, Including Resume: www.jamesdigiacomo.com

Sketches/Shorts/Commercials: www.youtube.com/jamesinburbank 

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