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Graveface Works on William Schaff art book w/ 10" by Jason Molina


Keeping the holiday spirit alive, Graveface announces another ghoulish project!

Happy Winter!  I'm not too into this time of year, so I'll continue to pretend it's almost Halloween. 

Outside of that pointless nugget, I'm finally actively trying to make the William Schaff art book you have probably heard me ramble about.  I anow many of you have written me over the years to obtain such a thing, and for better or worse, I had to do a Kickstarter to attempt to fund it.  It's essentially a pre-order for an 11x11 hardcover book featuring Schaff's music related artwork from childhood until now AND a 10" of unreleased material by Jason Molina.  So if you'd like a copy, now is the time.  I assume it'll be a fairly limited item once manufactured.  In addition to the book and record you can get a flexi postcard of a new Graveface band featuring Schaff's art, pre-order the new Dreamend animated picture disc that Schaff created, get a GG Allin coloring book and more.  All sorts of fun stuff.  If we exceed our goal, the additional money will go towards making a dust-jacket for the book in addition to helping pay the graphic designers and more.  It should be mentioned that 10% of all $$ earned will instantly be given to Jason Molina to help him with his medical bills. So the more we end up making, the better for him.

Here are some mentions over the past 24 hours:  Pitchfork - Exclaim

If you'd like to get a copy of the book or just check out our criticized Kickstarter vid, here's a link to the Kickstarter.

In non-Kickstarter news, our holiday sale is almost over.  Click here to save some loot if you want any of our 2011 releases. 

Thanks so much for all your support this year.  It's been a rough and insane year (as per usual) but you guys keep me going. 

Peace & Love,

Ryan Graveface

p.s. I've recently opened a small record store in Savannah, GA.  If you create music, art, toys etc. and want us to sell them down here OR you want to get rid of something interesting, hit me up.  You can check us out here.

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