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The Guys You'll Meet on Earth, But Not in Heaven: "I Hate Women," Hear Rush Roar


Rush Limbaugh reigns supreme in the business of misogyny.

Many men dislike, demean or downright hate women.

But, only one man airs his misogynistic views daily to an audience of millions and gets paid $50,000 million yearly to do so------Rush Limbaugh

For many years, Rush Limbaugh has referred to educated women as "Feminazis," and recently went personal on a young woman from Georgetown, calling her a "slut and a prostitute" simply because she was concerned about her health insurance benefits. He seems to divide women into 2 groups---attractive, uneducated females and unattractive, educated Feminazis.

Why do Rush Limbaugh and so many guys spend their days on Earth criticizing women? No doubt the etiology is multifactorial, but the genesis stems from our religions. Whether we read the Old Testament, the New Testament or the Koran we come across a similar parade of negative descriptions of women. Of course, you've heard them. 

1. Women were the first sinners ---Eve

2. Women caused the downfall of man

3. Women should be ruled over by their husbands

4. Women are to provide men with sex

Now if men cap their reading list at one, and never progress on to the rest of the written word to get educated, you can imagine how important these biblical verses become for them. It is all they remember.

And so, it is not that surprising that in some cultures those beliefs have even led to sexual mutilation of women and polygamy.

OK, let's get back to Rush Limbaugh. How many books has he read? Why is he so hateful of educated women?  His education apparently ended after one year at Southeast Missouri State College, and apparently not much was learned there. His mother, when asked about her son's flunking out of SE Missouri State said, "He flunked everything he took."

Well, apparently that was it as far as his formal education. He got a radio job at age 16, and has been there ever since.

Just how many books he may have read is unclear, but the 2 books he wrote- "The Way Things Ought to Be" and "See, I Told You So"- seem to be based on that first book we find in hotel room end tables. In these books, his statements cannot pass a fact checker whether they are about women or climate change.

Now, of course, men can get educated simply by living their lives and relating reasonably with a variety of human beings. But, as we know, some things can irrevocably get in the way of living in a reasonable manner. Rush Limbaugh has clearly participated in one of those things---Drug Dependency.

In 2003, he was charged with illegally obtaining the highly addictive opiate painkillers. In 2006, he we was arrested for prescription fraud. 

And what about relationships? Sometimes, when we are looking for a reason why things have gone badly for someone the best hint comes from that old psychiatric proverb----

"It's the Relationship, stupid"

A quick look at Rush Limbaugh's relationship history of course will only tell us what is superficially evident. 

4 Marriages, 3 Divorces, 0 kids

Now let's add to that the fact that he was detained by the Drug Enforcement Agency in 2006 at Palm Beach Airport, because Viagra was confiscated from his luggage that was obtained in the Dominican Republic, and which was not prescribed with his name on it. 

So, we can probably conclude that he is trying to get it on with someone! If you read the gossip websites you will see that there have been many guesses made as to just who that someone is! From his recent rants against the Georgetown woman, however, it appears he is pretty OK with seeing real sex on video as well as in the flesh. 

And so, in Rush Limbaugh we definitely have a guy who has made life more uncomfortable on earth for people not of his political persuasion, his race or his gender. Because of his enormous presence in our media he seems to have further exaggerated many of our worst habits. 

For example, in the English language there are 20 words describing a sexually promiscuous man, most of which are complimentary, and there are about 250 words describing a sexually promiscuous woman, most of which are derogatory. 

Rush appears to frequently use them all! 

Not long ago, Rush Limbaugh played a song on his show called "Barack, The Magic Negro" to the tune of "Puff The Magic Dragon" in which he hopes for the failure of our President.

Well, here's a song that says more about who Rush Limbaugh is.


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