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Black Moth Super Rainbow Announces New Album to be Funded by Kickstarter


The soul-freaking experimental pop band experiments with putting their new record truly into the hands of their fans.

Furthering their legacy of defying music industry tradition, Black Moth Super Rainbow has just launched a kick-ass Kickstarter campaign to fund their next album, Cobra Juicy

Thankfully, they've gone balls-out with this one.

First, there's a hilarious video by Eric Wareheim, where he introduces the campaign, and explains how his dad locked himself in the basement and smoked himself crazy while listening to the raw cuts from the record. 


BMSR set up their tiers in a manner that truly gives the fans a real sense of how they're helping support the music they love. A $1 pledge gets you a track from the new album, $8 gets you the album, $10 gets you high quality FLAC or WAV files (as well as another EP). The campaign is all geared to giving something back to the fans, so much that the top tiers offer a Haunted Getaway or a Rollerskating Party dj'd by Tobacco

Then there are the masks. They did a limited run of hand-painted latex masks, each complete with a tooth that snaps off to reveal a USB stick containing the album.

To top all this off, if they surpass the initial $45k (which seems totally possible, considering they've brought in $36,978 so far, and it's only been about 24 hours into the campaign), they'll add more tiers, and use the extra money to fund a widespread tour in support of the album.

What this all amounts to is a daring example of how musicians can really bypass the corrupt record labels, and just get make to making the music they love to make.

As Tobacco says in the Kickstarter info, "Being without a label now and self-releasing AND still trying to do cool shit can be intimidating, but having a chance to go through Kickstarter can totally flip that on its head. It's funny because even with how far we've been able to come, there are still a lot of people in the music world who tell me my vision is wrong, and the way I do things shouldn't work. I love this because it takes all the power out of their hands and puts it into yours."



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