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The Shameful Truth: War on Peace


We have never really taken "the war on drugs" seriously.

The New York Times, Sunday, July 22, 1012, has several full pages about the recent atrocity in the Colorado movie theatre. Directly next to the front page article about this is a column about the drug "war," and that the United States is ramping up its support to fight the "war on drugs," which has moved to Africa. It notes "our success in Honduras," but it does not mention that  we have not just been fighting drugs in Honduras but also running a covert war to support a dictator. The July 22nd article positions that, since our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are winding down, we will put more energy into Africa.

Of course.

We need more war.

War is the brutal, money spending, for-profit pastime that we, and our corporatacracy, cannot live without.  

We have never really taken "the war on drugs" seriously, and if you think I am missing something, look back at our history and into the Iran-Contra scandal and all the cocaine we let come into this country, or the heroin that the FBI placed in poor black neighborhoods to keep the blacks from rising up, or the Rockefeller laws that simply increased the prison population but never concerned themselves with the root of the problem. 

If we were serious about the "war on drugs," we would be investing in education, social programs and TRUE community reform. Instead, marijuana arrests in NYC are at an all time high. In the U.S., there are many more petty drug users and pot smokers arrested than big dealers and organized crime members who often traffic the drugs. The truth is, we don't want illegal drug trafficking to stop because it brings so much cash into our economy.

And in Honduras, it has been discovered that the U.S. is funding, training and partnering with security forces owned by one of Honduras' richest businessmen and cocaine trafficker, Mr. Facusse, to kick campesinos off the property in the Aguan Valley (where innocent civilians were recently killed again), to support Mr. Facusse's African palm biofuels empire. Mr Facusse was another backer of the coup we supported in Honduras. 

So now it is off to Africa to fight the war on drugs? What companies are profiting? Private contractors that no one even knows the names of – who give LOTS of money to the Senators to whom we entrust our democracy?  

Our government needs war because the people who profit from war keep our government employed. Including our president.  

The drug war is a perfect next war – because it is the ultimate unwinnable war.

It's almost comical that people are not outraged at our perpetual need to FIGHT and KILL while corporations PROFIT FROM IT, while we, the people, pay for it.  

More comical is that we are feigning worry about drugs, but we don't even feign concern about the public being able to purchase assault weapons and semi-automatic weapons...what, for personal protection?

Does this not seem a big enough threat for our government to at least feign concern over? I understand drugs bring weapons – which is probably the real danger – so why are we not having a war on weapons? The NRA is too powerful for me to propose a fight of all hand gun use. Yes, and I have heard the 2nd  Amendment quoted multitudes of times. BUT, the 2nd Amendment says nothing about assault weapons, and there is no good reason any citizen needs these weapons for self defense.

I also must wonder about our government's fierce protection of the 2nd Amendment, when they have thrown out the 1st (freedom of speech and assembly, etc. – read cell phone tracing, phone tapping, email interception without warrants), the 6th (right to a speedy trial – read ALL the people in Guantanamo and Bagram), and 8th (cruel and unusual punishment – read Guantanamo and Bagram and black sites), with the Patriot Act and the various infringements upon persons' liberties that Congress and the president have not only permitted but also advocated after 9.11.

So, in wonderment and amazement I return to the question of who profits in the "war on drugs?"  

Weapons makers profit.

Prisons profit. 

War-profiteers profit.

All of these are huge corporations who have bought our government.

Corporations don't profit on peace.

Corporations don't profit in a community without prisons.

Corporations don't profit when our children all graduate high school and get a college education.

But with peace and education and many fewer prisons, we all would profit.

We are the masses. We are the few. We are society.  

We are the people.

And that is the shameful truth.

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