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Jib Machine Gives us a September to Remember!


"On the North Coast" soundtrack, Slowhand Jack, and Hostile Omish Show!

Today (Thursday, 9/13), Jib Machine will release "Slowhand" Jack Labgold's Naked Ambition, his fourth offering in two years!  The album contains some of Jack's most eclectic and diverse work to date and features the title track, "Lisa the Pharmacy Tech" and "May 13, 2012."  To celebrate the new CD, Jack and his "Ripper" band will be performing a short set in the Map Room basement (1281 W. 9th St., Cleveland, OH 44113).  The show will start around 9pm so we hope to see you there!

On Tuesday, September 25th, Jib Machine will release the soundtrack to the long-awaited WLFK Productions film On The North Coast in conjunction with the movie's DVD (more details on the "official premier" coming soon)!  The collection features the original score by J TEMP 13 as well as tracks from Eli Fletcher, Pontius Pilot, Stark Hot Assassin, the j. pyramid, Slowhand Jack and the Drug Fux.  To pre-order your copy, email us at jibmachine@gmail.com (links on JMR website will not be active until 9/25)! 

Finally, on Friday, September 21st, the Hostile Omish return from their summer break with a headlining show at Peabody's (2045 E. 21st St., Cleveland, OH 44115)!  In addition to the Omish, 13 other bands will be performing that night including Flaming Hot Marbles, Mo Rage, Realm of Insanity and the Dead Gumbies.  Doors open at 7pm...see you there!


That's all for now.  Until next time...





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