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Writers' Row: Retrospective


Writers' Row examines its own creation story

In 2010 I created Writers’ Row: Downtown Los Angeles’ Official Written Art Showcase. It began as a showcase of Writers during downtown’s popular monthly Art Walk. From this, interest grew, but a quieter space was needed. In 2011, I partnered with Peter Woods and the Last Bookstore. Their beautiful and historic venue provided a unique home to Writers’ Row giving it the nurturing it needed. While our tenure at the Last Bookstore is coming to a close for 2012, the New Year brings many hopes for the event as it continues as a quarterly salon, still in the heart of downtown LA at a private loft in the Brewery Artist Colony

I am exceptionally proud of Writers’ Row and what has been accomplished. Since its conception, downtown LA’s literary scene has continued to explode and build together as a solid network, with The Last Bookstore and Writers’ Row as a hub for organizing and coming together. 

This series has always been of no charge to the people, and has grown to represent the creative works of Los Angeles as a whole, and has developed a respectable reputation to both published and unpublished authors including Brendan Constantine, Terry Wolverton, S.A. Griffin, and many more!

With its founding principles aligned with the mission of the Los Angles Poet Society, also founded by Los Angeles Poet, Jessica M. Wilson, to fuse communities of Los Angeles into a unified social and literary network. Writers’ Row will continue to thrive and feature the talents of this eclectic city.

To join Writers’ Row online visit: http://www.facebook.com/groups/WritersRow/?fref=ts 



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