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Jib Machine Records kicks Cyber Monday in the Nuts!


Slowhand Jack Anthology, new J Temp 13, and much more!

As you look for small gifts and stocking stuffers, consider supporting independent music and small business by picking up some music from Jib Machine Records and 13 Recordings!  For Cyber Monday, we're featuring all releases from both Jib and 13 over the past year...

The definitive "Slowhand" Jack Labgold collections.  Each album contains Jack's classic tracks, unreleased material and a new song.  PRE-ORDER your copies by emailing # of desired discs and contact info to slowhandjack@gmail.com.  Your order will be shipped after the albums are officially released on 12/17/2013.


2014 will mark the five year anniversary of J TEMP 13's third solo album, Cold.  To celebrate this occasion, the album has been released digitally worldwide (was previously only available on CD). Download your copy today!

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Pontius Pilot - Mister Sinister single

iTunes        Amazon


Eli Fletcher - Metro Static

Metro Static CD





Poor Ass Leon - New Revolution

iTunes     CDBaby


Alcoholik Spok 2

iTunes    CDBaby


Hot Ham & Cheese - Wake Part 2

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Jib Machine Records



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