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Male Pleasure Device Autoblow 2 Launches Indiegogo Campaign


The next generation of toys for men is here!

A campaign has been launched on crowdfunding site Indiegogo to raise $45,000 to complete the production of the pleasure device Autoblow 2 – an electric sex toy for men. The indiegogo campaign is located at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/autoblow-2-a-realistic-robotic-oral-sex-simulator-for-men


Autoblow 2 creator Brian Sloan promises to deliver the first hands-free masturbator with the build quality of a kitchen appliance rather than a toy. The product is also the first motorized masturbator to work in combination with removable sleeves of different sizes that optimize sensation for men of all girths. After three years and thousands of dollars invested in a labor of (self) love, Sloan has finally created the ultimate luxury toy for men.


"Most toys for men are manually operated or use batteries; Autoblow 2 plugs in to any wall outlet and packs a powerful motor that no battery-operated tool can match," said Sloan. "I have spent the past few years going over every detail to ensure that this machine will give exceptionally realistic pleasure – especially compared to all other masturbators on the market. You can truly feel the difference." 


Educated as a lawyer, Sloan's creative side won out, and the Chicago native moved to Beijing, China to pursue unique business opportunities, ultimately creating the popular Autoblow, Mangasm and Ladygasm toys. While proud of his achievements, Sloan was still unsatisfied, and set to work on creating a 'game changer' in the industry. The Autoblow 2, he says, will set a new benchmark of realism in the male toys niche.


"I believe we have a reasonable goal with our Indiegogo campaign, and we should have the Autoblow 2 ready to go by June," said Sloan. "The development was more expensive than originally planned, and we need only $45,000 more to complete our first production run. Our backers are helping us create the next generation of toys for men that are better than anything else, period." 


For more information, go to https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/autoblow-2-a-realistic-robotic-oral-sex-simulator-for-men/x/7062214.


About Autoblow 2:


Chicago-born inventor Brian Sloan, designer of Autoblow, Mangasm and Ladygasm sex toys, has spent the past three years building the perfect pleasure tool for men, Autoblow 2. Available June 2014, Autoblow 2 is the first male masturbator that is both electric and customizable so that men of all sizes feel identical sensations. It sets a new benchmark in realistic solo sexual experiences for men.


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