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Uncivilized Servant is a terrifying look into the future!


Review of the award-winning short film

Cleveland, 2057. Cars fly, phones look like highlighters, tv's are holograms that appear out of thin air. Best of all, you can buy a Civil Service Android to handle all your mundane tasks, while you focus on important things, like watching tv and shopping. They do everything from mop the floor and cook dinner; the delux model will even satisify your sexual needs.

But all is not what it seems with these creepy-looking humanoids, and by the time we meet the terrifying leader of Mykahkystan, things get scary.

Uncivilized Servant was produced by Velvet Buck Productions as part of the 2013 48 Hour Film Project, winning Best Film, Best Writing, Best Graphics, and several more awards. As silly as it may ultimately be, this movie gives a chilling look at a very possible future. Considering the poliferation of personal robots and how close we are to having drones deliver packages within an hour of ordering something online, it's just a matter of time before every house has some kind of android.

And then we'll be surrounded by machines one glitch away from killing everything in sight.

In the meanwhile, Uncivilized Servant is yet another badass example of how Cleveland continues to churn out great movies.  At the very least, it's way more entertaining than Grand Budapest Hotel.


Uncivilized Servant
Directed by Donn R. Nottage. 
Starring John Riddlebaugh, Michael Zaite, Camille Champa, and B.R. Tatalovic. 
Music by Man-009. 
Edited by James Neyman.


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