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AutoBlow 2 Breaks Record in Crowdfunding!


Record Breaking Male Pleasure Machine Is Now Available For Pre-Order On Autoblow2.com

The Autoblow 2, a crowd-funded electronic male oral-sex simulator, is now available for pre-order on Autoblow2.com. The Autoblow 2's Indiegogo campaign raised over $280,000 from more than 2500 men in 25 countries, setting a new record in adult product crowdfunding.  The pre-selling website currently features the viral video that helped propel the product to Internet fame. For those who buy now and wait until July for shipment, a discounted price is available.  


Brian Sloan, the inventor of the Autoblow 2 said, "I see a future where men own high tech masturbation appliances that are a normal part of their daily lives. The Autoblow 2 is the first step in that direction, and a giant leap towards improving the realism of the male masturbation experience."


The Autoblow 2 will deliver a series of firsts in the male pleasure product niche. It will be the first electronic stroker (it plugs into the wall), the first stroker to work with 3 sizes of interchangeable sleeves, and the first mechanized male pleasure product built to last for years. The motor is rated to last over 500 hours, or for 1500 solo experiences.


Educated as a lawyer, Sloan's creative side won out, and in 2007 the Chicago native moved to Beijing, China to pursue new business opportunities. Since moving to China, he has created the Autoblow, Mangasm and Ladygasm brands of adult toys. The Autoblow 2, he says, will set a new benchmark for quality and realism in the male toys niche.


For more information, please visit: Autoblow2.com.


About Autoblow 2:


Chicago-born inventor Brian Sloan, creator of the Autoblow, Mangasm and Ladygasm sex toys, has spent the last three years building the perfect pleasure tool for men, Autoblow 2. Available in July, 2014, the Autoblow 2 is the first male masturbator that is both electric and customizable so that men of all sizes feel identical sensations. It sets a new benchmark in realistic solo sexual experiences for men.

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