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Robotic Sex Toy Is A Reality!


Robotic Male Pleasure Device Now Available On Autoblow2.com

The Autoblow 2, a record breaking crowdfunded automated oral sex simulator for men, is now available to the general public on Autoblow2.com.  The adult product has received an unprecedented level of press coverage from mainstream media outlets including Techcrunch, BetaBeat, Buzzfeed, Business Insider, Yahoo! News, BroBible, Cnet, Vice, Bravo, Salon, Uproxx, Supercompressor, and others.  To celebrate the official launch of the product, the team behind the Autoblow 2 has released a 2 minute long animated infomercial, which can be viewed here.  


"For the past few years our team has been focused on optimizing the male masturbation experience – and the recent media attention and sales of our machine has left us feeling vindicated for our efforts," said Autoblow 2 inventor Brian Sloan.


To request a sample for evaluation/review, please email bsloan@vieci.com.


About Brian Sloan & The Autoblow 2:


Chicago-born inventor and former lawyer Brian Sloan is the founder of Very Intelligent Ecommerce Inc., the company behind the Autoblow 2. The Autoblow 2 is the first automatic masturbation machine for men built as an appliance instead of a toy. It works with three sizes of interchangeable sleeves so that men of all sizes feel identical sensations. It sets a new benchmark in realism for male solo sexual experiences.

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